What happens

  • CMake fatal error with message: [hunter ** FATAL ERROR **] No toolchain info generated


  • Hunter use try_compile to calculate toolchain-id. Internally *.cpp file with #pragma message(...) directives used to print different system macros. This error occurs when no information printed on compilation step.

What to do

  • Error may occurs for old version of compilers without #pragma message support. E.g. minimal version of GCC is 4.4.7. In this case you need to update your compiler.
  • This approach is not working with compiler used in Homebrew, reason is unclear (see this question). As a workaround you can force standard clang++ compiler (see toolchain and CMakeLists.txt) or disable Hunter by HUNTER_ENABLED=OFF.
  • This may happens because of wrongly created/unsupported toolchain. Please open new issue with information about toolchain you’re using.