How does Hunter interact with other package managers?

Mixing package managers in general is a bad idea (see for example Macports and Homebrew). Such approach may lead to conflicts, violates automatic downloads principle and making impossible the usage of central server with binaries because it’s hard to obtain an information about dependency. Also it does break reproducibility feature of Hunter since version of system package may differs for different OS, e.g. default version of Boost on Ubuntu 14.04 is 1.54.0 and for Ubuntu 16.04 it’s 1.58.0. Secondly if current version of installed system package fit your needs it may not be true after you perform an upgrade. Hunter has a “static” nature: for good or for bad nothing will change until you substitute arguments of HunterGate module.

Note that Hunter can install packages in the same way as regular package managers do: you can set all build types to Release, BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON and upload binaries to public. So the question How to make Hunter interact with system libraries? should really be How to improve Hunter so it behaves like system package manager?, e.g. add new packages that are currently missing.