Private data downloadΒΆ

Using hunter_private_data module user can download files that are private for the current project, i.e. some data that will not be shared with other projects. Unlike regular packages such data is not injectable, i.e. user will not be able to add his own code just by changing version of private data (well there even no such essence as private data version). This feature is quite orthogonal to main Hunter functionality and just use Hunter root directory and tools like stamps and locks.

As an example you can download file for testing:

    URL ""
    SHA1 "abcxxxxxx123"
    FILE "myfile.txt"
    LOCATION myfile_path

add_test(NAME foo COMMAND foo --text-file ${myfile_path})

File myfile.txt will be downloaded once to outside HUNTER_ROOT directory. When you create two build directories:

> rm -rf _builds
> cmake -H. -B_builds/Debug -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
> cmake -H. -B_builds/Release -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

They both will share same myfile.txt file. If for example you switch to different Git branch with different version of myfile.txt file Hunter will download this version and create separate directory basing on new hash. Same variable myfile_path will point to new location.

You can use hunter_private_data_password module to specify credentials for downloading password protected data.