Binary formula

+ SHA1(archive with sources)
+ SHA1(args.cmake)
+ SHA1(
+ SHA1(
+ SHA1(
= cache.sha1

In terms of cache:

+ Archive-ID
+ Args-ID
+ Types-ID
+ Internal-Deps-ID
+ Deps-ID
= SHA1 of binaries


*-ID checked for collision, see Layout common.


See also

Version -> SHA1 mapping: Config-ID can have only VERSION, SHA1 of sources will be taken from hunter.cmake. I.e. Hunter-ID + Config-ID -> Archive-ID.

hunter.cmake can contain default CMake arguments for a package. Resulting arguments will be created by merging default arguments from hunter.cmake (low priority) and user arguments from Config-ID (high priority). I.e. Hunter-ID + Config-ID -> Args-ID.

hunter.cmake can contain default configuration types (Release/Debug/etc.) for a package. Resulting configuration types will be created by analyzing HUNTER_CONFIGURATION_TYPES (low priority), default configuration types from hunter.cmake (high priority) and user configuration types from Config-ID (highest priority). I.e. Hunter-ID + Toolchain-ID + Config-ID -> Types-ID.

hunter.cmake can contain PACKAGE_INTERNAL_DEPS_ID. This variable used only for custom non-CMake build schemes: Hunter-ID -> Internal-Deps-ID.


See also

Global settings for all packages, no package specific information saved here. Created by analyzing an output of compilation of C++ file ShowPredefined.cpp (created from list). We get unified information about compiler, compiler version, compiler flags, etc. (everything from user’s CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE).

Additionally next global variables saved there too:

  • IPHONEOS_ARCHS (Polly toolchains)
  • IPHONESIMULATOR_ARCHS (Polly toolchains)
  • OSX_SDK_VERSION (Polly toolchains)


Package specific information saved here. Created by merging file with hunter_default_version commands and user’s config.cmake with hunter_config commands (if present). Result is automatically generated config.cmake file with hunter_final_config command. First 7 digits of SHA1 of config.cmake forms Config-ID. Used while calculating Archive-ID, Args-ID, Types-ID (see above).