Using Nexus Repository manager as binary cache server

It is possible to use Nexus Repository Manager as a binary cache server instead of GitHub.

Nexus installation

In order to install and configure Nexus Repository Manager, please follow official documentation. There is also possibility do download docker images where Nexus Repository Manager is already installed:

Nexus adding, configuring and managing repositories

To create new or manage existing repository follow this links:

Uploading cache binaries to Nexus

The simplest way to upload local cache binaries to Nexus server is by using cURL:

$ cd hunter/_Base/Cache/meta
$ find ./ -type f -exec curl -u nexuser:nexpwd --upload-file "{}" "$CACHE_REPOSITORY_URL/meta/{}"
$ cd ../raw
$ find ./ -type f -exec curl -u nexuser:nexpwd --upload-file "{}" "$CACHE_REPOSITORY_URL/raw/{}"

Configuring Hunter to use Nexus

Set HUNTER_CACHE_SERVERS variable before HunterGate to configure Hunter to use Nexus server:

    "Hunter cache servers"

HunterGate(URL "..." SHA1 "...")